MU Legend Basic Guide Fast Leveling Up After Hitting to Level 65

Many people have been lost in the MU Legend game once they reach 65 level because of the lack of guides that you can find on Google, Youtube, etc. If you a a MU Legend player who is hitting to level 65, this article is practical and useful to give you some insights after reaching level 65.

Most of the Daily Dungeons and Events can be found by hitting ESC in game. Let’s get started with the things you can find on your game menu by pressing ESC.

Firstly, The Rift

The Rift is mainly for farming Magic Gems, I highly recommend you to do it. You need to clear the rift quickly, while still killing a fair amount of monsters. Don’t bother killing small packs of 5-10 monsters, try rounding them up at the key bosses.

Rift Overdrive

Anyone at Lv. 65 or above can enter a Monster Invasion portal, whth the main reward being the Jewel of Bless. These portals only appear when the Rift goes into overdrive, so they’re open for a limited time only. Be sure to enter as soon as possible!

You must have at least 12 members (up to 20) to successfully thwart the Monster Invasion.

Second, Fabrice’s Garden

Fabrice’s Garden is a place where magical Ents roam freely, is said to be the garden of an ancient god. because of this, it is a place where where various materials like Whole Newk and Whole Crystal could be found. Crafting equipment is very important in MU Legend, and Fabrice’s Garden is where you can find the materials needed to craft higher-grade items.

You can get Pets and Evolution Stone Fragment and Evolution stone in the dungeon.

This dungeon is one of the places that players absolutely need to visit, and it has the lowest level requirement (Lv. 25) of all the special dungeons. From the boss cube in this dungeon you can get Pets and Evolution Stone Fragment and Evolution stone in the dungeon. Evolution Stone Fragment are used to craft an evolution stone which you can use to evolve your pet. That’s the reason why I highly recommend you should do Fabrice’s Garden everyday!

enter dungeon

Third is Magic Gem Mine

From the name of itself, you could image that a large number of Magic Gems could be found here and is highly recommended to do it everday!

magic gem mines

  1. You can set the difficulty level of the dungeon before entering.
  2. Monsters’ HP and the amount of Zen/Gems that you can gain will change depending on the difficulty level.
  3. This shows the number of times you can enter the Warped Magic Gem Mine and the minimum level required for entry.

Fourth, Blood Castle

Blood Castle is the iconic time-attack dungeon of MU Legend. It is a special dungeon that players at Lv. 45 and above can enter from the Room of Duty. The main rewards include Magic Gems and Hero Tokens, but the faster you clear it within the 10-minute limit, the more rewards you can get. The main reward on this dungeon is Jewel of Bless and Magic Gem Pouches. I advice you complete it once you’re decently geared <3 you can solo this easily once you're decently geared as a WarMage or Whisperer (sorry i wouldn't mention the other class because I don't know their full potential yet so its up to you to find out).

Fifth, Luery’s Secret Vault

Luery’s Secret Vault, available from Lv. 55, is a special dungeon where you can obtain Zen. Zen is a basic currency that’s used to buy items in the shop, craft items via NPCs and is needed for various other systems in the game. Zen can be obtained via completing quests, hunting monsters and selling items, but the best place to quickly get a large amount of Zen is Luery’s Secret Vault.

You can get a lot of Zen in Luery’s Secret Vault. I highly recommend you do it everyday because you know, free money =], the boss cube that you can get at the end of this dungeon gives you a Statue that you can sell to NPC and it will give you 150k/250k/400k I’m not sure if there’s a statue that cost more than 400k but yeah do this everyday to get zen.

Sixth, Endless Tower: Climb High and Grow Your Wings!

Endless Tower rewards you mainly with Seal of Power which can be be exchanged at the NPC on Ohrdor named Endless Tower Merchant for Wing Growth Stone for wing growth. What’s more, you can also buy a Wing Evolution Stone with Seal of Power if your wing is ready to move up to the next tier.

Players 65 and above level can get there via the “Room of Duty” place, but only 2 attempts every day are available, so it is advisable to take a look at the Endless Tower everyday.

Next, Lupa’s Labyrinth

OK so this is kind of complicated to explain but I’ll try my best.

Lupa’s Labyrinth is a great place to level up your pet, artifacts and earn Artifact Fragments to create new artifacts. Each floor of the labyrinth has a set of mobs, similar to the Endless tower, but at the end of each area is a small cube you need to press to move to the next stage. There is a progression bar that will fill as you kill mobs and bosses, when that bar is full you will initiate the boss instance. This is where you get most, if not all, of your artifact experience. You have a limited time to complete this dungeon as well, so be prepared.

Check out T-Party’s guide about artifacts here:

Note: Lupa’s Labyrinth floor 1 to 15 could be soloed but above that you need to find a group ( also you need to be decently geared if you want to solo, if not then find a group of ppl you can do it with :D)

Ninth, AI Arena

AI Arena is a pvp style arena where you fight against virtual copies of other players. You can earn Magic Gems.

It is extremely advisable to do that daily! You get to fight the other player’s AI in a pvp match and if you win a streak of 10 you get a decent amount of Magic Gems, so yeah it rewards you mainly with magic gems, also if you’re on top of the board I assume that you get rewarded with a decent amount of Fighter’s Token which you can exchange for useful items at the PvP Merchant which can be identified in Ohrdor.

AI Arena

Next up is Mythic Dungeons

Mythic Dungeons are the same dungeons you did when completing the quest line to get to 65, but they are now harder. Mythic difficulty allows for greater value drops from the bosses at the end and can result in Ancient and Mythic gear dropping from the bosses themselves. There is a daily quest to complete 4 Mythic dungeons per day, check the Daily Mission tab on your ESC menu.

There’re 3 kinds of mythic dungeon: Pit of Nightmare, Heath Mine and Sky Temple Mythic. The difficulty on these dungeons are unlocked once you reached level 65, at mythic difficulty you have a chance to get a Ancient/Mythic mentioned above.

It is recommended to do mythic dungeons to get yourself geared up specially for the Epic Dungeons.

Epic Dungeons

Epic Dungeons are a little more difficult than Normal Dungeons, but they’re the best places for farming equipment. Sanctum of Dragon Knights and Dragon’s Haven are the hardest dungeons in the game, at least so far. It can drop ancient, mythic and epic grade set items like the following one:

ancient epic

Epic items are considered to be the strongest piece of equipment in the game ATM.

They require a minimum of 97,250 CP in order to participate but I honestly recommend being over 100,000 CP and having at least full legendary gear equipped. These dungeons require a lot of coordination and teamwork among your party members. The result is amazing loot from the boss cubes. Of any of the cubes in game that you would want to make sure to spend money to open multiple times, these would be the ones I would recommend.

Now on the next tab on your game menu you can find the Daily Mission Tab, complete the daily mission everyday because it rewards you with Dukan’s Proof, which is used to buy a Epic Grade Gloves of Helmet at the Daily Mission Merchant found in Ohodor!

Magic Gems

Magic Gems can be used as currency in various places, for crafting, enchanting/upgrading your items, re-rolling a mainstat/substat on a piece of your equipment and many more. So it’s especially important to farm Magic Gems on the dungeons that gives magic gems which I mentioned above this post.

At last, hopefully you can get some insights about the game of MU Legend.

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